Saturday, November 27, 2010

Remember When People Went Shopping Without Perforating Someone's Liver?

Yeah, I don't either. Apparently, getting your paws on a DVD for $1.99 is vastly more precious than human life (well, that was pretty obvious, to be fair) and is totally worth fighting a stranger over. Hey clever clogs: have you heard of this thing they have, Netflix? It's where you can rent lots and lots of DVDs for only a few dollar-ninety-nines per month. Unless you feel that your home library is not complete without season three of My Name is Earl in the permanent collection.

Some things I didn't buy today because I TOTALLY CHOSE NOT TO included a Kindle, one of those robot vacuums (don't worry, not a robot like in Rocky IV), some cool clothes that don't look like something from the Red Cross post-hurricane, a yogurt machine (not a yogurt maker, a machine that ejects a spurt of yogurt on command), and a luxurious pair of plastic shoes lined with plastic "fur".

And I didn't want ANY of it, THANK YOU!

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